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Valcourt: S36 - 36-inch Square Gas Fireplace - LP

Shaped for a modern lifestyle, the S36 gas fireplace exhibits a minimalist design and fits perfectly into smaller urban spaces or any cozy corner of your life.

The prize
The S36 fireplace’s clean face provides a full view of the fire. The flames seem to move in a fluid motion as they disperse from the pan burner below. The realistic log set accentuated with glowing embers magically provides the experience of a real wood fire with no hassle. Its narrow depth (17 7/8″) simplifies installation for your new construction or your renovation project.

Make it your Own
As you look through the safety invimesh, embellish your fireplace with optional decorative panels, wood logs and lava rock kit. Black steel for a subtle look; black reflective glass which will “mirror” some of the flame back at you; rustic or Herringbone brick panels for a more traditional style. Optional finishing trim available in two sizes ensures a flawless finish around the edge of the fireplace.

Fitted with a ceramic glass which provides better heat transfer, the S36 is also equipped with a multi-functional remote control which provides intermittent or permanent pilot option, flame height and speed of the optional blower adjustment.

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