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Archgard: Sereno 41

Archgard’s newest direct vent fireplace, the second generation 41-DVTE41LN, is accompanied by the same versatile styling options as its predecessor with new logsets, a higher BTU rating, and comes compatible with Archgard’s I.H.E.A.T. (Intelligent Heat Exchange and Air Transfer) system.

Finish your fireplace with the classic Quebec City Red panel set for that traditional old-world charm, or choose an alternative traditional look with the Quebec City Grey panel set modelled on brickwork found in La Citadelle de Quebec; add a rugged touch with the Appalachian Ledgestone Grey panel set reminiscent of the jagged hills within the Appalachian mountains, or get lost as the flames dance across the dark sandy waves of the Lost Coast Black panel set; or, watch the flames multiply with the Eternal Flame reflective ceramic glass panel set.

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