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Archgard: Kojin 50

Fresh off the production line – more information coming soon!

Kōjin is the Japanese god of fire, the hearth, and the kitchen. He embodies fire, controlled and turned toward a good purpose, and is said to destroy all impurity.

In a Japanese zen garden, the straight lines echo serenity, leading the eye through the landscape, while the wavy lines create a flow through the garden.
This relationship between form and function is mirrored in the unique lines presented by the Kōjin. Not only do they lead the eye toward the fire, but they improve combustion to allow the Archgard panoramic wall-to-wall flame.

Archgard’s Kōjin 50 linear fireplace is the first in the Kōjin line. It molds the fire into a contemporary, linear wall-to-wall flame that will fill your space with pure tranquility. With lines unlike any other linear fireplace, the Kōjin 50 will draw every eye in the room.

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